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If planning permission is refused then there is an appeals process, although appeal can only be made on certain matters, listed below. This, in turn, reflects the different ways in which building and civil engineering projects are organised and carried out. Height and number of storeys The main impact when storey height is increased is on the vertical elements, such as external and internal wall finishes. Screens, borrowed lights and glazing. Before undertaking most building projects, it is first necessary to obtain planning permission and Building Regulation approval.

Building Regulations ensure that new and alterations work are carried out to an agreed standard that protects the health and safety of people in and around the building. Almost every day will bring an updated set of information. Concrete and steel are just as suitable for floor construction although these materials are mainly used in medium and high rise buildings. It must not bridge or span the cavity.

Estimation and Quantity Surveying notes book pdf download

However, with modern painting systems the specification should be studied to discover the correct approach to decoration. Tender price indices can be used to adjust for potential increases in cost between the date of the preparation of the cost plan and the actual date the project goes to tender. This is best done at draft bill stage. Presentation Phase Oral Presentation. It is structured to provide a number of pathways to cover nineteen different areas of practice.

Used to adjust and allow for cost increases between the date of the preparation of the estimate and the tender date. The value of an investment property is in no way connected to the cost of the construction or other costs. The number of rafters is multiplied by two for both slopes and an addition apex rafter is included.


Provision to the contractor of further information. Solar protection Continued exposure to sunlight causes asphalt and felt roofing to deteriorate more quickly and therefore some form of solar protection is required. Try not to baffle with science!

Estimation and Quantity Surveying notes book pdf download

Plan shape The enclosing ratio of a building is a useful rule of thumb to assess the efficiency of a plan shape. Select Functions for Study. There are many definitions, as with any new buzz term, people queue up to add their definition in order to gain their five minutes of fame!

However, in reality, theory and practice are often very different. Measures of changes in items such as location, building costs or tender prices are performed using index numbers.

Orientation and footprints Should accommodation by provided in one large or groups of smaller buildings? There are many types and sources of project funding. Overhanging verges at gables can be formed with the use of prefabricated gable ladders. Elemental cost planning A cost plan is an estimate presented in a standard elemental format. Approximately half of all entrants to the surveying profession come via this route.

This method was first developed and introduced into the manufacturing sector in America, immediately after the Second World War. The front sheet of a cost analysis contains a wealth of information relating to the analysed project that can be used in the adjustment process.

It will always be the case that the quantity surveyor will interpret and review the outcome before reporting figures to the client. This draft bill now has to be printed in the final bill of quantities format. If an investor decides to use his or her own capital to fund property development, then the cost of the capital needs to be considered. Computer Science Engineering.

That is to say, the benefits are greater than the costs and is clearly the better alternative. Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis is a method for analysing uncertainty by changing input variables, for example, and observing the sensitivity of the result. Once completed it will be necessary to dispose of a project, either by selling or letting. Mezzanine funding is rather like a second mortgage that ranks below the senior debt. The usual default depth for topsoil is mm although it could be more than this and a test pit may be dug to accurately determine the actual depth.

There are a number of situations that require a quantity surveyor to measure and record dimensions from both drawings as well as on site, depending on the stage of the project. In addition, there are some items that are required to be recorded as items, which are descriptions without a quantity, for example testing drainage. Of these five methods used for valuation, low glycemic food list pdf the quantity surveyor is most often asked about the Investment and Residual Methods.

As the average leadin time for a new development is two years, if they wait until a boom before starting to develop, the market may be heading for a slump by the time it is completed. Minimise energy in construction and in use Fully investigate the whole life cost and life cycle cost implication of the materials and systems that are being procured. Strutting is measured over the joists and not between them. It may be necessary to locate water tanks in the roof space, in which case the load should be distributed evenly over at least three trusses. Also data presented in this format will be easily understood and interpreted.

The bottom of the trench excavation when completed will be compacted prior to the concrete being poured, this is to prevent the soil being incorporated into the concrete and weakening the mix. Architects can also act as contract administrators, although increasingly this role is being taken over by others. There is a lack of available data to make the calculations reliable.

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Its major advantage is that most published cost data is expressed in this form. Building cost indices measure changes in the cost of materials, labour and plant to the contractor. Permission when granted is valid for six years.

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Note cavity fill should be stopped at least mm below the base of the dpc. Set targets Use benchmarking and similar techniques discussed in chapter six to monitor continuous improvement. In this case the facing brickwork is measured as extra over.

Re Estimation and Quantity Surveying notes book pdf download

It can be used instead of base rate. Building cost indices The cost of any building is determined, primarily, by the cost of the labour and materials involved in its erection. Many more have been injured or made ill. It does this by displaying the range of possible project outcomes for a range of input values, which shows the decision makers the input values that would make the project a winner or a loser.

Isolated piers are measured in square metres. This approach also has the potential for tax allowances. Out of the list of functions emerges the highest order function that can be defined as the overall reason for the project and meets the overall needs of the client.

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Can be the total sum from sales or rental income. Lintels, thresholds and work to reveals of openings. The sinking fund allowance, therefore, becomes a further cost to be taken into account during the evaluation process. However, industrialised building tends to be inflexible. In order to prevent the spread of rot or other timber defects in the roof timbers, the eaves should contain permanent ventilation.

Waste calculations are calculated to three decimal places, then rounded off for the dimension column. In order to provide sound insulation, studs around bedrooms and bathrooms often have a sound deadening quilt or sheet sandwiched between the studs. The major disadvantage of sensitivity analysis is that there is no explicit probabilistic measure of risk exposure. The process continues until all identified differences have been accounted for.