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Your supervised persons must promptly report violations of your code of ethics i. We note that your policies and procedures are not required to contain specific elements. In addition, for the first two of these years, you must keep your records in your office s.

These media generally include microfilm or digital formats e. Capital Gains Research Bureau, Inc. Generally, most books and records must be kept for five years from the last day of the fiscal year in which the last entry was made on the document or the document was disseminated. The first step is to determine whether you have custody or possession of client assets. These policies and procedures must encompass your activities and those of your supervised persons.

If you do not avoid a conflict of interest that could impact the impartiality of your advice, you must make full and frank disclosure of the conflict. You may wish to speak with an attorney or a compliance professional about specific provisions and how they apply to your firm. Records regarding the maintenance and delivery of your written disclosure document and disclosure documents provided by certain solicitors who seek clients on your behalf. It also contains staff interpretations and no-action letters that have been issued by the Division of Investment Management. An advertisement could include both a written publication such as a website, newsletter or marketing brochure as well as oral communications such as an announcement made on radio or television.

The Commission has described the requirement for advisers to seek best execution in various situations. If you vote proxies on behalf of your clients, you must also retain certain records.

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You should not engage in any activity in conflict with the interest of any client, and you should take steps reasonably necessary to fulfill your obligations. We note that you are not required to adopt a particular standard of business ethics.

If you are a trustee, you may have custody. As a fiduciary, you are required to act in the best interests of your advisory clients, and to seek to obtain the best price and execution for their securities transactions. You must employ reasonable care to avoid misleading clients and you must provide full and fair disclosure of all material facts to your clients and prospective clients.

You are required to keep your records in an easily accessible location. For example, you must obtain advance written authorization from the client to execute such transactions, and also provide clients with specific written disclosures.

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Policies and procedures adopted and implemented under the Compliance Rule, including any documentation prepared in the course of your annual review. Reference Materials The following informational sources may be helpful. These requirements are described below.

The solicitor is not subject to certain disciplinary actions. Advisers often include this prohibition on insider trading in their code of ethics. In order to do so, the Advisers Act requires that you arrange and index required electronic records in a way that permits easy location, access, and retrieval of any particular electronic record.

Records related to the Code of Ethics Rule, including those addressing personal securities transaction reporting by access persons. You may store your original books and records by using either micrographic media or electronic media. You owe your clients a duty of undivided loyalty and utmost good faith. Many advisers store duplicate copies of their advisory records in a location separate from their principal office in order to ensure the continuity of their business in the case of a disaster.

Your access persons must submit a complete report of the securities that they hold at the time they first become an access person, and then at least once each year after that. With respect to pooled investment vehicles over which you have custody, autocad 2012 instructor pdf the qualified custodian must send account statements for the pooled vehicle directly to each investor. You must also maintain a record of these breaches. You may also be subject to other reporting obligations.

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Investment Advisers Are Fiduciaries

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You must keep these records for specified periods of time. In adopting a code of ethics, investment advisers may set higher ethical standards than the requirements under the law. You have a reasonable basis for believing that the solicitor has complied with the terms of your agreement. Some advisers are required to maintain additional records. You are not obligated to get the lowest possible commission cost, but rather, you should determine whether the transaction represents the best qualitative execution for your clients.