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Select the right vertical line as shown below. Mayck Jerson Oscanoa Yurivilca. The sketching plane is a local coordinate system that can be aligned to an existing face of a part, or a reference plane. Autodesk Knowledge Network. Select this dimension to modify.

Pick the back face of the solid. Move the cursor over the top edge of the ViewCube and notice the roll option becomes highlighted. Moving upward will reduce the scale of the display, making the entities display smaller on the screen.

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Click on the inside of the circle to set it as the profile region as shown. Inside the graphics window, press and hold down the left-mouse-button, then move downward to enlarge the current display scale factor. Single left-mouse-click to align the center mark of the view. Rewind Restores the previous view. Select the New File icon with a single click of the left-mouse-button.

On your own, create and modify the dimensions of the sketch as shown in the figure. Turning backward will magnify the scale of the display.

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Click on the Accept icon to accept the entered value. The current view is now set to view the top side. Turning forward will reduce the scale of the display, making the entities display smaller on the screen. Handle Drag with the left-mousebutton near the center for free rotation.

The Autodesk Inventor main window will appear on the screen. The first sketch we create is usually drawn on one of the established datum planes.


Inventor Guided Tutorials

Computer input and output devices we use today are largely twodimensional in nature, which makes this modeling technique quite practical. As the name implies, a rough sketch is not precise at all. The basic principle of feature-based modeling is to build models by adding simple features one at a time. In the Projects list, double-click on the Parametric-Modeling project name to activate the project as shown.

Dynamic Input can be used for entering precise values, but its usage is somewhat limited in parametric modeling. Select Delete from the option list as shown. Create and modify the size dimensions to describe the size of the sketch as shown in the figure.

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Place the dimension toward the left of the sketch as shown. Draw the geometry so that it does not overlap. Drag on the handles to orbit around the horizontal or vertical axis. Leave out small geometry features such as fillets, rounds and chamfers. Pick the left vertical line as the geometry to dimension.

Click once with the right-mousebutton to bring up the option menu. On you own, repeat the above steps and adjust the dimensions so that the sketch appears as shown.

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Increase your knowledge of Inventor by following the Interactive Tutorials and the Standard Tutorials. Repair Interactive Tutorial. If the Videos and Tutorials panel is not visible, select the Show Panels drop-down arrow and select Videos and Tutorials. Autodesk Inventor provides us with many tools to assist us in finalizing sketches. Otherwise, how to seduce out of your league pdf free Autodesk Inventor might assume the intended angle to be a degree angle.

This positive side identifies the positive extrusion direction and it is referred to as the faces normal. You can orbit the view planar to the screen around the center mark, around a horizontal or vertical axis, or around the X and Y axes. Create a sketch that is proportional to the desired shape. You should form a habit of saving your work periodically, just in case something might go wrong while you are working on it. Note that all dimensions disappeared from the screen.

To translate this article, select a language. Select face, workplane, sketch or sketch geometry.

You should also save before making any major modifications to the model. Click on the Save button to save the file. Select the English tab as shown below. Pick a location toward the left to place the dimension. Select Finish Sketch in the popup menu to end the Sketch option.