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My library Help Advanced Book Search. However, the mortality rate of Trial participants is fairly high, so no expense is spared to train the adolescents about to go through Trial so that they will survive the month spent planetside. The ethical discussions in the novel are at an elementary level, as is appropriate for a teenage narrator. Many classic science fiction novels end with the destruction of an entire planet and its inhabitants.

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Nebula Award for Best Novel. The Tinterans are Free Birthers, possibly slavers, and a potential danger to the Ship itself. Mia and Jimmy, as adults, prepare to settle into their own living quarters on board Ship. Their initial rivalry turns to friendship and eventually blossoms into love.

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Redirected from Rite of Passage Panshin. Singlehanded, Mia stages a jailbreak and escapes to the wilderness with Jimmy, but not before the two witness the brutal killing of Kutsov in a roundup of political dissidents. Although they are generally benevolent and trustworthy, the society they have created appears complacent and aimless.

Riding through the night in the pouring rain, Mia and Jimmy set up a tent in the woods. Shortly after her fourteenth birthday, Mia and her class are dispatched to the planet Tintera to undergo their Trial. Her moral world has broadened to include the Tinterans as people, rather than faceless spear carriers to be used and discarded. While recovering from her injuries in Kutsov's house, she discovers that the prisoner is Jimmy Dentremont. Selected pages Title Page.

For all its craft and its attempt to create an intelligent updating of a Heinlein juvenile, it proves tiresome rather than inspired. Kutsov tells Mia that Ship people are at best regarded with resentment, and at worst killed. The penalty for breaking this rule is exile to a colony world.

The Classification of Rites. Other Types of Rites of Passage.

For the William Golding novel, see Rites of Passage novel. Rite of Passage departs from this tradition by condemning the destruction of Tintera as an act that no one, in principle, room on the broom activity book pdf could ever have the right to commit. Rite of Passage is a science fiction novel by American writer Alexei Panshin.

Long-lived adults form the overwhelming majority of the population aboard Mia's ship. Mia has already learned that the Tinterans have captured a scoutship from another Ship and arrested one of her fellow Trial participants.

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While in the tent, they realize their feelings for each other and have sex. This article is about the Alexei Panshin novel. For the Richard Wright novel, see Richard Wright author. Bibliographic information. When Mia returns to the Ship, in addition to her regular studies, she joins a survival class.

Before they leave the base, they also disable the captured scoutship. She is also disturbed by their apparent practice of enslaving Losels. Typically, as in the Skylark and Lensman novels of E. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jimmy offers the hope that they will someday be in a position to change their society.

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