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Databases are like big swimming pools. Create a function to return the country domain eg.

Viewing only selected columns from a table. Name column can have characters and age column will have age in numbers. Store useful information about continents in a new permanent table. Create a stored procedure to list Dr Who episodes by frequency in two ways. Create a query to show for each event in history the length of the description entered.

Complex SQL Queries

Sample C Interview Questions and Answers. This is an advanced query. Any data written to the database must be valid according to all defined rules, including constraints, cascades, triggers, and any combination thereof. Dathan Guiley United States.

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Managing tables

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Show all historical events for which either of two complicated combinations of criteria is true. List the details of the emps whose grade is equal to one tenth of sales dept. Our editorial staff will review it shortly.

Demon Database Programming. Use a temporary table to show all the organisations which are either in a particular sector or which employ more than a certain number of people. How can you select all the even number records from a table? Music Sports Games Marketing. Create a stored procedure to show all delegates from a training database where the company name and category name equal parameters which can be null.

He communicates extremely well and he has worked in teams of all sizes. Explain your answer and also provide an alternative version of this query that will avoid the issue that it exposes. Create a query listing countries and continents, using an inner join with table aliases.

SQL Queries Interview Questions and Answers on SQL Select

Use the following values to test your solution. Union select Mgr from emp.

Using sub queries filter the select statement. Use subqueries to filter with aggregates. Use common table expressions, subqueries or any other technique to solve a complex query. Practical, game programming gems 1 pdf concept-building examples and quizzes.

And run it from command line by typing sqlite test. Select empno, ename, dept.

SQL Queries Interview Questions and Answers on SQL Select

Show all of the records in one table films with no corresponding records in another actors linked indirectly. Create a query to show all of the events which involved Concorde in the title which took place in France.

With the help of a very simple query you can know complete details about the structure of the table you created. Dathan is a forward-thinking freelance software architect, developer, and leader with roots in effective software development. He is a creative, abstract, and theoretical thinker with the ability to turn ideas into reusable modules and solutions.

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And again, in this case there would be a conflict, so the query would break if the candidate neglected to do so. It will return the number of rows our table has. Show the number of episodes by year and series number as pivoted data. Use the Insert, Update and Delete commands in a single transaction. Use a table variable to hold useful information from several sources together.

Create a function which - given a resource name - locates its id and returns a table of all courses having this resource id in a comma-delimited id list. Use the variable in a statement which finds all emps who can earn a year or more. Create a subquery showing all events which have happened since the last one involving the European Union. List the emps who are working as managers using co-related sub-query. Display the details of the emps whose Comm.

Can we insert a row for identity column implicitly? Create a table variable, and insert into the table C courses and courses given by a particular trainer - then list the results. The consistency property ensures that any transaction will bring the database from one valid state to another. The group by clause combines all those records that have identical values in a particular field or any group of fields. What is an execution plan?