Sony Z1u Manual Pdf

Battery and power management. Adding medical and emergency contact information. Medical Innovation across the medical imaging workflow from capture to display.

Adding the geographical position to your photos. Messaging and chat Reading and sending messages.

Editing photos with the Photo editor application. Restarting and resetting your device. Then follow the links, it should be. Edge Analytics Transforming communication with intelligent video analytics. Editing videos with the Movie Creator application.

Viewing your photos on a map. Down-conversion Playback Capabilities i. Connecting to a computer To use your camcorder by connecting it to a computer using an i.

Using your device with a car infotainment system. Active Learning Engage and inspire with Vision Exchange. Using your device as a wallet. Running diagnostic tests on your device.

Organising your email messages. Enhancing the sound output. Sharing and managing photos and videos. Enter your search terms Submit search form. Entering text using voice input.

Hours Meter, Remote Ctrl, Exp. Rotate the focus ring and adjust the focus. Smart agriculture Advanced real-time vegetation analytics. Calendar and alarm clock Calendar.

Be particularly careful of the lens. Music Transferring music to your device. Smart Products Smart Products. Camera Taking photos and recording videos.



Bit Value Discrimination Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly. Selecting Menu Items To print the manual completely, please, small scale integration pdf download it. Personalising the on-screen keyboard. Finding the identification number of your device. Typing text On-screen keyboard.


Learning the basics Using the touchscreen. Promotions and rebates Limited time offers on pro products. The last few seconds of the most recently recorded scene are played back.

Accessibility Magnification gestures. The screen shows the items you can operate at the moment.

Transforming communication with intelligent video analytics. Press x stop when you want to stop recording. Avoiding duplicate entries in the Contacts application. Photos and videos in Album Viewing photos and videos.

Sony HVR-Z1U Instructions Manual

Sony HVR-Z1U Instructions Manual

Limitless imaging expression, unprecedented flexibility. Starting your device for the first time.


Brazilian-Portuguese, Traditional-Chinese, or Korean. Projectors Portable, installation and home cinema projectors for every kind of venue.

Using your device in wet and dusty conditions. This website uses cookies. Adding and editing contacts. Unlocking your device automatically.


Sound, ringtone and volume. Basic settings Accessing settings. In that case, charge the rechargeable battery p. Our range of the world's most popular professional camcorders enable total operational and economic flexibility. Hearing aid compatibility.

Sony HVR-Z1U Instructions Manual

Sending contact information. Managing files using a computer. The recorded picture will not be affected by this setting. Using data traffic when travelling. The audio level meter appears.

Healthcare Solutions From initial consultation through to post-operative care. User guide Getting started About this User guide. Warning messages If messages appear on the screen, check the following. Searching and viewing contacts. Help us improve our website.