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Funding was distributed through annual bidding rounds. One of the criteria put out by the Government was precisely the needs of ethnic minority communities. My Lords, I beg to move for Papers. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. That is not new money, as has already been said, but money which will become available from the ending of present schemes.


Urban regeneration - the issue explained

Just think, at the end of the last century a local authority was ambitious enough to undertake building a scheme which would take a great many years! The costs of bidding have also been referred to. The noble Lord, Lord Gisborough, singlebörse kostenlos deutschland talked about Middlesbrough in a very moving manner. Such are the inequalities and distortions.

My Lords, if the noble Lord will be patient, I will return to the figures in the later stages of what I have to say. There are nowhere near enough resources. The European Council of Ministers has a worthy definition.

Third, the intensive output-measuring orientation of both programmes led to increasingly professionalised structures of regeneration not necessarily a bad thing! In addition to cash, the government has also introduced a number of tax incentives to help regeneration. The noble Baroness, Lady Hamwee, suggested that there was a lack of clarity and consultation, and a complete lack of guidance on the type of projects that would be acceptable.

That has now been subsumed into the single regeneration budget and very few ethnic minority grant projects have been supported. Then along came the single regeneration budget. The single regeneration budget has released a sense of commitment and partnership at local level which is truly astonishing. The number of separate regeneration funding packages that have been launched and then dropped shows that these questions have still not been satisfactorily answered.

We now have Severn Trent Water Plc. Employment has been a regular concern of many speakers today. Perhaps I may ask the noble Earl whether or not the Government have ruled those out completely. More than bids were made and there were only winners.

Single regeneration budget

The noble Baroness mentioned that the Devil makes work for idle hands. They have been used to advise Ministers on the basis of the bidding criteria set out in the national bidding guidance and so forth. They are confused as to whom to consult and what criteria they take into account. Eligibility criteria vary from fund to fund. This is an important issue.

Wirral Waterfront SRB

My Lords, I am very privileged to follow the right reverend Prelate. All our assets and all that we had invested were suddenly taken from us. Not only is there poverty and deprivation, but there is also ill health. For example, why was the King's Cross scheme turned down alone among major schemes submitted?

We should therefore make no apology for introducing a range of tailored measures to address inner city problems. Having slated them, I shall suggest how they could be met. It may help if I give some background. If there is to be a genuine truce in the war which the Government started between central government and local government, this is the way to start. We know that we have the ability to bring our communities together to tackle those needs and we know that we have the flair and the imagination to do so innovatively.

  • Instead of encouraging local authorities to be enterprising, we are giving them the jobs that other people do not want to do.
  • Forward to Transport Infrastructure.
  • Albans My Lords, this is an important debate and I join others in welcoming the initiative of the noble Lord, Lord Dubs, in introducing this subject.
  • As the noble Lord, Lord Williams, said, the debate comes at an opportune time.
Final evaluation of Single Regeneration Budget 2 Scheme
Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion

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Single Regeneration Budget Inner Cities (Hansard 8 February )
  1. When people banked there, the local authority benefited.
  2. Nevertheless, as the noble Lord so rightly described, it is a subject of enormous importance to the urban areas of this country.
  3. In the light of the experience of the first round, I suggest that there are three objectives for the second round.

Other Berlin Cities

Single regeneration budget

There are already stories of excessive bureaucratic requirements being imposed by central government through regional offices. Where I start to differ with the noble Lord, Lord Dubs, is on his assumption that areas such as Eastbourne and the one I represent have by definition no needs. Projects for ethnic minorities and refugees typify the types of schemes where it is jolly difficult to persuade the private sector to put up cash. Someone who is happy, funny and a great companion.

The danger of regional regeneration statements is that they set out prescriptive policies for the regions. It follows that therefore we need policies that will ensure that this kind of energy can be harnessed in programmes which are stable enough to encourage long-term planning. We hope to see that progress continue. Yemen State City show photo personals only.

Too often the process actually ran faster than the guidance! What is Birmingham trying to do? Kinder und suche ein nettes mädchen mit der ich mich gut unterhalten und über.

That seems to be a real distortion and suggests political favours being repaid rather than needs being met. My Lords, is the noble Earl about to read the figures, or will he come back to them? The Earl of Lindsay My Lords, they have not. Let us have more trees and foresters more rapidly.

Like other noble Lords, I welcome the partnership that is being fostered by the process. Previously there was an ethnic minority grant. Many refugee projects have failed, and the Refugee Council's own project failed under the ethnic minority grant heading. This year the Department of Health is organising a conference on the causes of asthma and what can be done to alleviate its effects. That pooling of funding and the creation of one vehicle for urban regeneration in England was welcomed.

Access Denied

Before I do so, kosten I want to make one thing clear. Many of us on this side of the House would argue that case. Use case studies to support your answers where appropriate. This afternoon at Question Time I asked a Question about heart failure.

Single regeneration budget case study

Can public cash really stimulate local economies and create jobs? But, surely, the winners and the losers should know why they have won or lost. People heaved a sigh of relief because there appeared at last to be government recognition of the need to co-ordinate activities in the regions.

In other types of schemes it is possible, but we have an imbalance resulting from the criteria that have been applied. Perhaps the only excuse is to emphasise the seriousness of the points already made. We need more resources, effectively directed, to be really successful, volkmarsen single as others have said.

My mother used to say that the devil makes work for idle hands. The importance of our town centres can be emphasised. They had been encouraged and they put real effort, time and resources into submitting their bids. There is a bit of a hit and miss element about it.

Similarly, an effective regeneration strategy must take the local community with it. My noble friend Lady Fisher talked about Birmingham, bringing in not only deprivation, homelessness, unemployment and poverty but the ill health that follows from those. That scheme ensured that the citizens of Birmingham had beautiful water, coming all the way from Wales. So, instead of providing more resources to meet the undoubted need of urban regeneration, the Government are providing less. We now have the census results and analysis, and these ought to have an important influence on regeneration priorities.

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