Pdf24 Creator 6.5.0

We have added Norwegian as new language file. The advantage of that change is that the DocTool can now be used to open this dialog for a file. Some companies have really large folders and waiting is really annoying. Furthermore we have optimized some other points to make the tree faster.

Translations are usually contributed by users. TrueType fonts are now downloaded as softfonts by default. Older versions did not used the document name so that the name could not be used in the tools. The DocTool uses mutex locks to synchronize DocTool executions.

Appending a file at the beginning worked, appending a file at the beginning and at the end worked to but appending a file at the end only was broken. We will introduce that feature with a future versions. Above the list, there are some buttons to manage the list. The command line interface will be documented later. The Page-Extract-Dialog is now slightly larger and the usability is now better.

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When you save a document as an image, then one image file is created for each page of that document. This greatly improves the speed and the behavior is now more like the Windows explorer. One dialog instance can now be shared between some tasks and the tasks itself only change the status of the shared status window instance.

We have updated all language files and added some new elements too, which are currently not fully translated. Now, some windows gains the focus when the mouse moves into this windows.

The window can be disabled in the settings in the auto save section. In previous versions you could wait some seconds until the list was ready and now this will only took some milliseconds. The filter creates a folder under that name and saves the page image files into that folder. Sometimes the wrong page size was used. The English language file is used for all missing elements.

These files are now handled in a special way. We investigated the problem and found a part which caused the crashes. We have added a lot of new features to the DocTool. Older version have a bug and load profile twice because of some events. Here is thank you to the translators who sends us updates.

Passwort protection for instance could not be used although correctly entered all fields. We now take that into account and to our best to determine a file name of that submitted name. Some operations executes minor sub task which would normally open and then close the process dialog. This is annoying for some operations. We have optimized this part of the code within the DocTool.

We have improved the file save method of the auto save feature. We have implemented that in this way.

Fixed a potential app crash issue caused by an unsynchronized access of the file icons and file thumbnails within the explorer list of the creator. The page extract dialog could not be opened via the tools menu of the creator. The Creator, for example, should be opened only one instance, print to pdf .com because this instance can handle multiple files.

Some users reported issues with that feature. Now there is a shell print feature in the pdfdocTool. Now, if a file exists, a suffix is appended to the file name under which the file will be saved. User who had problems with fonts should try this version. If there are files in the clipboard, then the DocTool can extract these files and now also communicates the names of these files correctly.

There you can make custom settings which will be used when saving the file. If you open a folder with only a few elements than you will not notice the faster list but if you open a folder with some thousand elements then the speed difference is very large. There was a bug in appending a file at the end. This improves usability in some dialogs where user can scroll so that no click is needed any longer to get the focus which activates scrolling for that window.

One example of what you can now do with the DocTool is to join multiple files to one. The user has to choose a destination file. We have added an input field which shows the currently opened folder. You can now use placeholders when specifying the folder, where to save to file. This installation was built with Inno Setup.

We have added a documentation of the command line of the DocTool. The drag and drop implementation has been improved so that more things are possible here which can be used by the tools. Here comes the optimization. We have also optimized the left pane of the windows. Changes in settings now better takes effect in running modules so that no application restart is necessary for a lot of changes.

The normal page number view was broken because there were missing images in the bin file. This fixes a lot of bugs related to font problems such as font substitution or character issues. The mouse had to be in the element to enter text. We have optimized some parts in order to fix that behavior.

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