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Each installation shall determine limit values for movements and identify landing areas that require the direct involvement of at least two deck operators in the operation. The slings should be choked in the same direction. Escape routes Loading and unloading of the work deck shall be planned with escape routes that provide the crew with the possibility to access and evacuate the area. The operator shall ensure that the lifting appliance and guiding device are coordinated. Identifying risk elements is important.

Norsok r 003 pdf

Can deck load be handled safely? When the trainee operates the crane, he shall be under the supervision of the mentor the entire time. The checklist is applicable for both internal lifting, and lifting between supply boats and the installation.

Norsok R-003 Safe Use of Lifting Equipment

Procedures describing when and how this shall be carried out shall be available on each installation, see Annex C. In order to assist learning and experience exchange, the holy kabbalah ae waite pdf the improvement proposals and the revision groups processing of these shall be made available.

The planning shall be carried out by personnel who have the relevant competence. All lifting equipment shall be accompanied by a certificate from an enterprise of competence.

Norsok R Safe Use of Lifting Equipment

Only used when other codes are not stated None. The deck plan should include information about x x x x x. All competence that is required in accordance with this annex shall be maintained. For landing load on vessel and how much load area that can be used, see Annex D.

The check shall ensure that x x x x x x x x. Special care shall be exercised when using eye bolts and eye nuts. When using lifting and stacking trucks on offshore installations, adequate consideration shall be given to the installations movements, slippery deck and narrow loading areas. When barrier off the area, special attention shall be given to the fact that tubulars can slip out and represent a hazard for surrounding areas. The marking shall be clearly visible and permanent.

For lifting appliances in the drilling area, the same requirements to the use of enterprise of competence apply as on fixed installations. Movable work platforms shall be considered as lifting equipment, and shall be subject to requirements to safety outfitting as other personnel transport equipment.

Norsok r 003 pdf

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Pre-use and post-use check of such lifting points shall be carried out. Knowledge of methods to ensure that the lifting operations are executed in. Safety zones Safety zones shall be defined for each and every vessel.

The responsible rigger tags the temporary lifting appliance confirming that the equipment is ready for use. Measure is a temporary or permanent alternative to repair, for example operational restriction, other technical solution, precautionary measures, etc. In order to prepare efficient loading and backloading operations, it can be appropriate to place the backload in one area before the vessel arrives at the installation.

The procedure shall include, among other things, how to place personnel in the boat, and how the personnel shall be evacuated in the event of davit failure. It is not allowed to climb onto the top of the load carrier to hook on the sling. There is no requirement for one-years experience for operators of movable work platforms. Enterprise of competence, as described in Annex H, issues certificate or other user documentation that confirms that the temporary lifting appliance can be used. The periodic control shall comply with the manufacturers instructions for use and shall as a minimum include x x x x x x.

Norsok r 003 pdf

Bulk hoses shall be sent to the vessel by means of the crane. It shall not be possible for the split pin to fall out during use. Operational limitations and other special conditions related to the lift shall be clarified. The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway is participating in the project as observer. The offshore installation manager shall, directly or through delegating, approve all personnel transport with lifting appliance.

Relevant areas are the forward part of the work deck, aft part of the deck and areas around hose stations etc. If use of other lifting gear of lifting components is deemed unsafe, unsuitable or could damage the load, fibre slings can be used in lifting operations between the vessel and installation.

Competence requirements for the different roles and recognised training standards are described in Table B. Additional training in hydraulics for personnel who shall carry out maintenance on hydraulic machinery. When securing snatch block to the load bearing structure, the operator shall ensure that all split pins, locking and safety pins are in place and in good condition. Participants in lifting operations and their roles can be made known through the wearing of special clothing, such as a reflective vest, hardhat or similar.

After the slings are tight, a safety clamp shall be fitted and tightened. The scope of the extraordinary control depends on the situation and the reason for the control. Everyone who is directly involved in the operation shall participate. The approval shall refer to the relevant crane and the additional dynamic load applied by the crane and pennant line on the boat. The roles can be filled by personnel who also have other duties, and the personnel do not need to be employed in the responsible company.

Norsok r 003 pdf

Provided by Standard Online AS for Ali Baba 2015-02-04

Norsok r 003 pdf

All personnel who are involved in the lifting operation shall ensure that they have an unrestricted escape route in all phases of the operation. Use, maintenance, storage, checking and other inspections and examinations of offshore containers shall comply with the recognised standards, manufacturers instructions and statutory regulations. Where appropriate, the lifting appliance operator can perform first-line maintenance on the lifting appliance he operates. The lifting equipment shall not be modified for purposes other than those stated without the consent of the manufacturer and enterprise of competence.

Tools shall be secured against fall. Tag lines should not be used for lifting operations to and from vessels. Lifting equipment shall only be used by personnel who have and can document competence as described in Annex B. Crane operator and duty navigator on the vessel shall carry out a pre-job talk before the loading and backloading operation commences. Unnecessary use of radios shall be avoided.

If trolleys are used, end stops on beam shall be installed. Specialist personnel with knowledge of the equipment to be lifted, as well as the crane operator and deck operators, shall participate.