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All Mamiya lenses are multi-coated. Manual-focus lenses could still be used on the autofocus cameras, but not vice-versa. All seven of the manual-focus Mamiya cameras can use the same lenses and film inserts film spools. The Mamiya Manual-Focus lenses will work on all manual-focus bodies. Focusing screen lug Mounting guide pin for finder Fits into the finder opening.

Unloading Film mirror may lock in the up position, which results in rapid depletion of the battery. Nearly all have curved aperture blades, rendering smooth backgrounds at wider aperture settings. The red infrared index mark is slightly to its right. Place the hole of the strap fas- tener A over the Neck Strap on the camera body as illustrated, and pull until it clicks and locks into place.

Mamiya has concen- trated an all-out effort on the systematic production of lenses in an effort to satisfy a multitude of needs. Phase One also sells Schneider-Kreuznach lenses, a comprehensive guide to enterprise mobility pdf which are also branded as Mamiya.

Utilize the External Battery Case accessory. After inserting cor- rection lens, replace retain- er ring. Note that the film direction is wrong if the leader paper is facing inward. It couples to the aperture when attached to the camera. Therefore it is desirable to replace it with a fresh battery as soon as pos- sible.

Set the Shutter Speed Holder to the camera body. Is a Battery in the camera?

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Mamiya PRO 645 Instructions Manual

Mamiya M645 1000S User Manual

Push the Battery Check Button. Giving the Film Advance Crank one complete turn, will cock the shutter and mirror and ready the camera for the next exposure. Distance Scale The camera to subject dis- tance can be set or confirmed with this scale.

Alignment Alignment reference point for mounting lens. Mirror Lock-up Mirror Lock-up. Insert a battery into the camera p. Lift the Upper Cover from the camera body.

In-between clicks can also be used. Memo Clip Film plane mark Indicates the position of the film plane. All lenses are multi-coated to eliminate flare and ghosting even under the most adverse light conditions. Make sure that is been properly seated and is locked in place.

Exposure counter The counter for and film will be automatic. After the film insert has completely entered the camera body, let go of the release l a t c h. Gently pull out some of the leader paper, pulling it over and around the pressure plate. The Mamiya camera systems are a series of medium format film and digital cameras and lenses manufactured by Mamiya and its successors.

Elements such as speed and handling plus a host of other special features have been enhanced to satisfy the needs of most de- manding professionals. Batteries that fail at low temperatures may still be used at normal temperatures.

Focusing ring Distance scale Depth-of-field scale Alignment dot Align with matching alignment dot on camera body for rapid lens mounting. However fre- quent temperature changes shortens battery life. Back cover latch While pushing in on the memo clip, simultaneously move the back cover latch in the direction of the arrow to open camera back. Permits battery to be placed inside clothing.

If it is not attached and the dial is either of these positions, the set to shutter release will not work. The Shutter Release Button does not move.

While pushing down, pull out the Neck Strap Fastener A of the at- taching clip. Activated by the Multiple Exposure Lever. The outer ground glass ring which encircles the microprism collar can also be used for focusing.

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Turn the Film Advance Crank until it stops. Then you will be able to push in on the release button. The leader paper inside is facing outward on the pressure plate. Accepts accessories such as eyecup, magnifier, and angle finder.

The two generations use different viewfinders, grips, and other accessories that are not always cross-compatible. No knobs and no way to change metering mode or exposure compensation. In the same manner insert a roll of film in the upper compartment. The shutter release button will not move.

Push in and release the meter switch C to turn on the meter. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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If yes, is it correctly inserted? In the same manner, insert a roll of film in the upper compartment. Press the finder down until the rear latch locks securely in place. If the camera sup- port protrudes beyond the front of the camera body, cock the delayed shutter release before placing it on the sup- port. Five different focusing screens are available to meet various photographic needs.

Waist-Level Finder S For detailed instructions, see pp. When making multiple-exposures, the exposure counter does not ad- vance. Depth-of-field Depth-of-field refers to the total area foreground and background which will appear in focus sharp. To replace screen, gently insert and lightly push it in on both sides until it stops. Has the Film Holder Dark Slide been pulled?

Trouble-shooting Trouble-Shooting If your camera appears to be malfunctioning, check the list below to see whether or not you have forgotten some- thing. Press both elbows against your body and activate the shutter release with a smooth, steady stroke. Rotate the film advance knob recep- tor of the camera body clockwise as far as it will go the red dot B will then be facing upward. Make sure that the black side of the leader paper faces up. If a lens needs cleaning, blow away the dust particles with a blower, and clean the lens surface with lens cleaning tissue and lens cleaner.

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