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The Whipping Boy - Assessment. These appealing and rigorous cross-curricular lessons and activities work in conjunction with the text to teach students how to analyze and comprehend rich, complex literature.

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Photocopiable unit tests contain additional thematic readings and assess how well students have learned the unit's reading skills and the unit's target vocabulary. Students need purposeful practice on previewing text to improve reading comprehension. In this lesson will be focusing on making connections with the text. Each connection made should go on a separate sticky note.

Making Connections, aws d1 6 pdf Second Edition gives beginning and intermediate students of Chinese an early start in developing strategies to dramatically improve their listening comprehension. They will then decide if the connections fit under that category. The current series takes students from a low-intermediate to a low-advanced level of academic reading skill proficiency. In December two new levels - high beginning and advanced - will be added to the series.

Big Idea Students will learn to recognize and make connections with text to aide in comprehension of a text. If they feel the connection would fit better under a different category, they can bring a sticky note to me and tell me why they feel the sticky note should be placed on a different poster. The accompanying written exercises guide students through each audio track, explaining particular aspects of the language, supplemented with related realia and cartoon illustrations. Provides mathematical puzzles to strengthen skills in pattern recognition. Lessons offer additional situational topics that range in difficulty from novice to high-intermediate.

Pre- and post-listening activities train students to listen for detail and intent, and an index lists vocabulary terms by lesson, in both simplified and traditional characters. This title introduces first-time readers of academic text to basic reading strategies such as finding paragraph topics, finding supporting details and learning to read quickly.

Making Connections gives beginning and intermediate students of Chinese an early start in developing strategies to dramatically improve their listening comprehension. The next job the students have will be to stick their connection sticky notes onto the proper posters. Read more about Crossing Paths. The series has a unique unit structure. Read more about Shifting Tides.

At the outset of each unit, students are presented with and practice key reading and vocabulary-building skills. Filling Out a Reading Log. In this unit we are focusing on comprehension strategies that good or users read to comprehend the text. Home Professional Learning.

The Whipping Boy - Formal vs. It features a variety of high interest topics including national borders, names, food, sleep, natural disasters, and music.

If they run out of sticky notes I have extras available on each table. Students will hear the spoken language in a variety of contexts, from chats between friends to conversations between doctor and patient to radio broadcasts.

Making Connections teaches an extensive range of reading skills and strategies in order to prepare students for college reading. Making Connections with The Whipping Boy.

It emphasizes critical thinking and increased reading speed. Read more about Across the Straits.

The series contains a strong focus on vocabulary-building, including teaching words from the Academic Word List. These second grade texts capture student interest with focused, standards-based activities that provide targeted practice opportunities.

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The series helps students gain insight into how academic text is organized and how to read effectively. Understanding Good Reader Strategies Left side activity. Enhance Your Listening Comprehension in Chinese. The multiple selection format allows teachers to withdraw support gradually from selection to selection, as students gain confidence in using comprehension strategies flexibly and independently. Once all the sticky notes of them placed on the posters, will divide the students into three groups each group will to a poster and read through the connections that were made.

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After we have finished the story, I will have the students think about the connections they made in the text and decide whether they are text-to-self, text-to-text, or text-to-world connections. If I agree with them, I will have them place the sticky note on that poster. Making Connections with Diary of a Worm. The Teacher's Manual contains teaching suggestions and an answer key for the Student's Book.

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