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Also, after Dracula is killed and turns to dust, a large pinky ring hits the dust covered ground very much like what happens at the end of Horror of Dracula with Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. It was enjoyable to experience Dracula in yet another medium, having read the novel several times, listened to the audiobook at least twice, and seen a half-dozen or more film versions. This story takes place in England, product and services of icici bank pdf where a group of friends face the treacherous vampire Dracula.

For instance, Lucy Westerna does not have red hair in the book, that comes from some of the movie versions. Jonathan Harker and his band of allies must fight the deadly Count to protect all they hold dear and save London from the curse of the undead. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

He work there and he want to escape right away because many terrible things happen here and what is it you need to find out by read this book. The gr This story takes place in England, where a group of friends face the treacherous vampire Dracula. Illustrate a big picture about Dracula, the most brutal and mysterious in history of man kind. One thing I did like, is how they inserted the newspaper clippings from the book into the panels in certain pages with the action overlapping them so that they become part of the page layout.

Add a review Your email address will not be published. Open Preview See a Problem? Rather enjoyable nonetheless! Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

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The artwork is great and pulls together the characters well in this, what appears to be, quite confusing novel. Gotham by Gaslight, Cosmic Odyssey, and, of course, Hellboy.

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Keep in mind that I have read Bram Stoker's novel five times in my life, so I'm going to be a bit nit-picky with this. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Really liked the artwork too. Besides the Roy Thomas and Dick Giordano version, this has been done a few more times.

Dracula Graphic Novel (Paperback)

Once in the eighties by a Spanish artist in beautifully painted pages. There are some places where words seem to be missing and several instances of inconsist I loved this! Reading this is an accessible way into the depths of Gothic horror! Of course, the colorist and letterer did bang-up jobs too, and how could I forget to praise Jason Cobley for taking Bram Stoker's original text and scripting it. There is an afterward which gives you a short bio of Bram Stoker, list of films based off the book, and a thing about how this whole thing was put together.

Dracula The Graphic Novel

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are some places where words seem to be missing and several instances of inconsistent grammar. So I just began to salivate when I first saw that he was doing Dracula! The graphic novel made me want to read the original version.

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Graphic interpretation of Bram Stoker's character Count Dracula done in watercolors. Thank you for the loan Franklin Public Library! The only downside was that it was sometimes hard to differentiate certain characters from each other as they were all introduced in a bundle.

Dracula The Graphic Novel

Sometimes the characters were confusing because from far away they looked the same. Dracula, for me, was a book that I should have read but hadn't. Perfect for any Dracula fan! This is another graphic novel i read.

Featuring introductions from Dacre Stoker and Leslie S. Now they said that Staz Johnson wanted the characters, Count Dracula in particular, to look like the way Stoker described them and not base them off any of the Hollywood interpretations. That's the most important part. Everything about the artwork is gorgeous. Having discovered the double identity of the wealthy Transylvanian nobleman, Count Dracula, a small group of people vow to rid the world of the evil vampire.

Nice adaptation from a novel to a graphic novel, I loved the art style. Wonderful written and horrifyingly and beautifully illustrated graphic novel that is true to Bram Stoker's masterpiece. One of the classic Gothic novels in a graphic novel form. They also tried to remain faithful as possible to the original material and were able to fit more of that into their version because they had more pages to work with. Read my full review at Book Obsession.

The great thing about having drawing in novel is to help reader figure out, even they have no idea what is happening. However, certain liberties were taken, some of which obviously came from the films. The original text follows the illustrations smoothly. We use cookies to give you the best online experience. That's not exactly how it goes down in the book.

The Evidence for Evolution. It was drawn quite well and quite easy to follow. The comics adaptation created by Mike Mignola and based on the film from Columbia Pictures Sony and Zoetrope Studios returns to print after a decades-long absence.

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It has been taking me forever to read Dracula and with this I finished it in two days. And he did do a spectacular job of penciling and inking it. Overall I really enjoyed the graphic novel. Perhaps reading the actual novel would be a lot better, well it can't be worse than this, extremely disappointing.

It was the perfectly intense and you didn't want to stop once you'd started. Though felt I should have gone for the more modernised adaptation as it was hard for me to read it in one go. Your email address will not be published. Yeah, I suppose when trying to be faithful to the original material, a few creative liberties can be taken. The graphics were done very well and the dialogue was made in a way that made it extremely easy to understand what was going on.