Celebrity Endorsement Questionnaire-pdf

Celebrity endorsement questionnaire-pdf

Silvera adds that celebrities are increasingly becoming popular with marketers since such personalities are perceived to be likeable, trustworthy, persuasive and believable. To do this, an analysis of the past, current and predictable future use of celebrities in brand and product promotion shall be outlined. This way, e-mail addresses from Chinese citizens representing various categories of the Chinese market were collected. Education Demographics Survey. Between advertisements that involve celebrities and those done by other people, which attracts you more?

Celebrity endorsement questionnaire-pdf

In addition, large portions of this category of Chinese consumers are internet users and hence recruiting them as respondents was relatively easier than other categories of respondents. For instance, the more money the consumers have, the greater their purchasing power. Business to Business Survey. In the process, the product message in the adverts is conveyed. SurveyMonkey makes it easy to create your own survey from scratch.

Though the market is large and continues to grow, marketers are facing several challenges promoting their products. In the process of formulating a marketing strategy, the main objective is to influence consumers to buy the product through various ways hence driving sales. As a result, efficient advertisement tactics should be able to attract the attention of the intended recipients.

This group largely comprised of students and unemployed non-student respondents. This is largely due to the huge population of the Chinese people.

At the moment, companies around the world part with huge sums of money to fund promotion efforts through celebrity endorsements. This shall further increase the challenge to Chinese marketers as they strive to win consumer attention for their brands and increase sales.

Unlike in quantitative research where a known research aspect is measured to arrive at one conclusion, qualitative methodology assumes that multiple realities can exist in any given situation. The fact that a product is from a foreign company was then sufficient to attract consumer attention and gain recognition and admiration from the Chinese consumers of the time. For instance, in a family setup, there are goods that are purchased by one member of a family and used by the whole family. In this study, secondary data was sought to complement primary data.

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Questionnaire on consumer behaviour on cosmetic product

The two research methodologies discussed above employ different methods of data collection. In the literature review section, it was established that celebrity endorser credibility is affected by the belief that celebrity endorsers actually use the products they endorse. Once such information is collected, marketers streamline their marketing strategies along the lines of the findings from such a study.

Hence, focus is retained on the topic of study with more ease. In this way, data that could not be collected or required complex processes to collect through a survey was obtained. The data is presented using various statistical methods of data presentation.

Due to this, the Chinese consumers are exposed to numerous advertisements in their day to day lives. Consequently, marketers should not base their choice of a celebrity endorser on attractiveness only.

On the other hand, a customer is that who makes the purchase from a particular shop, retail outlet or organization. Learning Support Feedback.

This way, they can choose a celebrity that meets the definition of good-looking for the target consumers. In turn, the book of general ignorance pdf this depends on how the public perceives that particular celebrity. It was established that most celebrity endorser advertisements comprise of visual images of the celebrity endorser with the product explaining the product qualities and advantages. It shall also explore the effect that celebrity endorsements have on brand awareness among the modern day Chinese consumers. The issue of multiple brand endorsement discussed herein before points out the lack of diversity in celebrity endorser choice among the Chinese marketers.

Misra argues that there are many ways of creating a connection between a brand and a celebrity endorser by presenting advertisements in such a way that they reveal the connection to recipients. To this category of people, product promotion can be achieved by reducing product price. As discussed in the literature review section, consumer behavior is a complex process involving several stages. Rolls posits that, several factors such as the attractiveness, popularity and credibility of a celebrity endorser influence the outcome of the promotion process. Social networking and sharing has also grown with the increased internet penetration in China.


In most cases, what is purchased depends on the preferences of all members of the family. The Boston Consulting Group.

Questionnaire examples and sample templates

In addition, several companies have used foreign celebrities to promote their brands in China. Mora explains that this limitation is inherent in surveys conducted via e-mail.

However, he points out that the ability of such personalities to create future repeat purchase intentions is not as obvious. Tick appropriately to indicate the bracket in which your current monthly income falls into. Primary research for this study shall be conducted in China market.

Due to this reason, the structure of the research for studies conducted using qualitative methodology only become clear as the study progresses. The chapter shall be organized into several sections for ease of organization. Event Planning Questionnaire. Some of these third party sources include company sales and accounting records, articles in magazines and journals, company websites, research reports and other online sources of data.

Questionnaire on consumer behaviour on cosmetic product

Questionnaire components A short two paragraph introductory section was included to explain the aim, objectives and nature of the study for which the survey was conducted. The effectiveness of these promotion efforts shall be analyzed though qualitative and quantitative analyses of data collected from secondary research as well as a primary research conducted in China.