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In my case the covers came off the pin and I just had to gently put them on the pins again. Thank your for your generosity in making this webpage, unknown sir! Check if the ring going around above the retracting lens cover is bent. Looking for an AirPods alternative that costs a lot less? Here is how I fixed the problem and it's an unusual solution.

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Be careful, motor and sensor screws must come out. She's taken so many photos with black edges because the two grey lens covers don't fully retract. Best video doorbells Searching for a new doorbell?


Oh, be careful to leave some room for the washer to hunt - I left it slightly below middle. Wow instant clean compressed air. Through the lens metering was center weighted and automatic exposure was shutter speed priority.

Next thing I knew, I turned on the camera and the lens cover opened perfectly! Anyway after i got the peice out it started working and the lens can move in and out now and I can take pictures!

Canon PowerShot SD Digital ELPH Manuals

It now will not come out at all camera seems to operating fine by the way apart from this. Using a small tweezer, I was able to dislodge that half of the lens shutter and it has worked perfectly ever since. Never will I make this mistake again. Now everything is working fine. Take great care when doing so however and good luck.

The black cover piece snaps in place fairly easily once aligned and one side with a springy bend inserted into the barrel. So have to turn it on by the power button which works successfully. Another victory for the vacuum method. So I used the vacuum on the half-closed lens opening. Then, while the blades still were closed, I used the vacuum.

Thank you, Canon Coolpix S trying all other non-invasive methods without success. Without this site I'd still be manually opening the lens cover every time I wanted to take a picture, basic of instrumentation pdf getting my fingerprints all over the lens! Then the solution came to me. Best dating sites Get swiping. Lens opens but focus motor grinds and then sticks resulting in camera turn-off.

Then powered down at which point the blades only closed halfway. In rebuilding the shutter setup, I also determined it is much easier to reload the springs and four shutter leafs with the lens fully retracted, which puts the pieces in the most relaxed state. Unfortunately, the lens cover started sticking again, so I began removing the silver-colored outer ring with the lens fully extended using a razor blade. Doing this allowed triggered the top to come down and close completely. Reassembly is straightforward except for the difficulty of reinserting the inline cable connectors.

Mine got fixed with the paper thing and using the hair dryer! Now I just have to catch my wife before she buys a new camera she's been eyeballing! When it comes to smart garage door openers, you have lots of options.

Removing it resulted in the springs and blades becoming unseated so that was what took so much time to put back together. Didn't even need the vacuum cleaner, so far. Today I got to this site hoping to find an easy way to open the lens cover and fix the internals. The first thing I did was browse the internet hoping that another P owner had found a solution. When I switched on the camera, the lens would extend almost to its fullest position and would the move in and out until coming to a partially closed position.

Canon has issued a support advisory stating it will repair affected cameras free of charge. The lens cover on my Canon Ixus was stuck due to a dent in the lens surround probably knocked something whilst in my pocket.

One spring opens the four leafs. Point the camera straight down into a vacuum hose while the vacuum is on and tap it around the insides. On the fourth cycling of the camera, the nozzle bumped into and made full contact with the extending lens housing. Actually, the above anonymous post did not come from me.

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So I moved the hose closer and cycled it again, twice more. This was remedied by spraying silicone lubricant onto a cotton bud Q-tip and carefully applying ied to the closed lens cover.

Be careful if you use Jeff's vacuum trick! The silver outer ring presses on snugly. This exposes a part of the door that is not normally visible and it was here that I found a black glob of gunk which I rubbed off with the cloth. You may have seen them in the search that led you here.

Slide the mode switch to playback. Does anyone know where I can buy one of these tiny springs. Camera Repair Search Engine.

Creating only a small gap from prying the ring resulted in the shutter working correctly, which indicated something inside was probably rubbing or not set correctly. So I pulled the entire lens apart to find that one of the two springs in lens cap assembly were broken. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Work it around degres to clear out any debris that may be in there. While on my tripod the camera got knocked over. Yes - hooray - just tried the vacuum cleaner idea and solved my problem! Insert the battery into the battery charger.

Canon PowerShot SD Digital ELPH Manuals

Thank you so much for the vacuum-repair tip - my Nikon Coolpix lens doors would not open all the way, and after using the vacuum hose, they now work perfectly again! The intent of the posts on this blog are to help provide that knowledge.

Did I ruin my camera or is there anything that I can do to correct this. Repeat the above three steps several times. Before starting, a reminder that I hold no responsibility should you damage your camera or worse.

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