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Answers and Solutions to the practice exercises have been given at the end after Part six. Ani international can help you develop beautiful and functional website for desktop, tablet and mobile. Universal law of gravitation, variation in the acceleration due to gravity of the earth.

Distribution of charge on conductors, capacitance, parallel plate capacitor, combination of capacitors, energy of capacitors, van-de Graff generator. Hope you have a enjoyable preparations and surely you can clear your written exams. We are on Facebook JobsFundaz. We build responsive and creative website for web and mobile.

Below are the chapter-wise names. My friend I owe you big time. Scalars and vectors, vector addition, multiplication of a vector by a real number, zero vector and its properties, resolution of vectors, scalar and vector products.

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You can download the books from the link provided below. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Different forms of energy. This book is about the experience we go through and which helps us to grow.

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Hints and step-by-step explanatory solutions have been provided for all the questions at the end of each chapter. Periodic motion, simple harmonic motion and its equation of motion, energy in S. Planetary motion, artificial satellite, geostationary satellite, gravitational potential energy near surface of earth, radhakrishnan pdf gravitational potential and escape velocity.

Surely this book will be a boon for you guys which will help you to clear your Maths section easily. Powered by Aman Shrivastav. Acceleration due to gravity, one and two dimensional motion under gravity. Uniform circular motion and its applications.

Surely this book will help you a lot to collect some amazing moments of your life. As a rule, the formulas are given without a detailed explanation.

Concept of work, energy and power, energy-kinetic and potential. Checkout the different books links which we have mention below which will be used for the various exams also at the last we have given the link so that you can buy from this books.

Hey Your site is awesome and full of information. Your post is really awesome. Your email address will not be published. Wave motion, speed of a wave, transverse wave, superposition of waves, progressive and standing waves, vibration of string. Also we have provided some other books links too you can check them all and prepare yourself for the written examinations.

The book contains different types of objective questions which will help in sharpening the comprehension and analytical abilities in the students. Explanatory notes are given in those cases where misunderstandings may arise. Alternating currents, impedance and reactance, power in A. Elastic collisions in one and two dimensions, conservation of linear momentum, rocket propulsion, centre of mass of a two particle system, centre of mass of a rigid body.

Motion in a straight line, uniform motion, its graphical representation, uniform accelerated motion and its applications, projectile motion. Also, the main physical constants and tables are summarized at the end of the book along with the Periodic System of Elements and Table of Elementary Particles also covered in the book. At the beginning of each chapter summary of principal formulas has been given for clarifying relevant basic concepts.

You can download it from the links provided below. Hope you have downloaded the books required for the exams. This book will help surely clear all your basics of all the topics asked in the exam paper.

Arihant Physics for JEE Main book all in one free PDF

It is published by Arihant Publication in both Hindi and English. Surely this book will be a boon for you guys which will help you to clear your Physics section easily. Hope this book on Problems in General Physics from the Classic Text Series will help the readers get in-depth insight into the various problems in general physics. Each chapter in the book opens with a time-saving summary of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics.

In order to study in this direction and be prepared for such tests, it is essential to have a book that would help in these regards. Each chapter consists of a large number of topic wise problems. Thermal expansion in gases, ideal gas laws. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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