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The exhaust gases from the A. These clouds are extremely unstable and a towering Cu is often associated with thunderstorms and can be just as dangerous as a Cb.

Pascal's law states that a pressure is inversely proportional to load b liquid is compressible c oxygen can be used to charge the accumulators. The resulting fire starts at each spark plug and burns rapidly through the mixture at a predictable rate it is not etc.

These are detached clouds with sharp outlines that form in convective currents and develop vertically in the form of rising mounds, domes or towers. Provide an emergency reserve of pressure in the event of pump failure Which of the following applies? Application of reverse thrust as early as possible in the landing run Vll. This gives you permanent, unlimited access to the selected course and the online revision questions and exams for the once only fee. How can wing bending moments be reduced in flight?

In the event of a hydraulic failure, the input lever or shuttle valve is pushed to its mechanical stop and then etc. In powered flight, the relative airflow is directed downward through the rotor disc at etc. The rate of change of cabin pressure should be kept to the minimum. Apart from regular compass swings by maintenance engineers, the only time a compass is likely to need attention is if the or a is visible, indicating the fluid is leaking and the level has dropped. The aileron control is moved to the right and the right elevator goes up and the left one down.

This fluid dampens oscillations of the needle, and by both its buouyancy and lubrication properties, reduces the friction on the pivot assembly. Direct Reading Compasses have only one moving part, therefore they are extremely reliable. The aileron control is moved to the rigbt, the right aileron goes up and the left one down.

When the hydraulic system pressure is released a reservoir air pressure will increase. The relative airflow is the flow of air velocity and direction in relation to the rotor blade or rotor disc.

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In most light aircraft, they are the only means of determining directional information. On an aircraft equipped with a compensated capacitance type fuel quantity indication system graduated to read in kg, kent homeopathic repertory free pdf the temperature increases just after the tanks are half filled with fuel. An aircraft is to be de-iced and then enter the line up for departure. General Aviation Safety Sense Leaflets.


An engine fire extinguisher has discharged due to an over temperature condition occurring in its vicinity. The hydraulic fluid is changed, but the wrong fluid is replaced. The system is then pressurised.

Book 02 - Aircraft General Knowledge 1

The bulging parts resemble a cauliflower. How is the charge air cooled in a bootstrap turbo-compressor system?

They indicate that the reservoir is at the full level. The tyre pressures are checked after a long taxi to the ramp following landing. The temperature within a cumulus cloud is warmer than the environment in the lower levels of the cloud but cooler than the environment toward the top of the cloud. This is called Compass Dip. It is a combination of helicopter airspeed, rotational airflow and induced airflow.

Compass dip is at a minimum at the equator, and increases as you move closer to the magnetic poles, when the compass needle aligns itself with the magnetic lines surrounding the Earth. The sunlit parts are mostly brilliant white and their base is relatively dark and nearly horizontal.

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The use of cadence braking v. Airworthiness Publications. More From Daniel Ognenoski. Just before the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke, the mixture is ignited by the spark plugs with both valves still closed.

Aircraft general knowledge pdf

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